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Main Features
Active 1:4 expander for BXB conference systems using RJ45/4xRJ45 connectors
Increases system capacity up to 50 seats
High signal transmission quality
All series products are tested and certified according to BXB Electronics Co.’s ISO 9001 certification method

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Product Description

EPS-C083 is an active RJ45 splitter – 4xRJ-45 for FCS 3000 / FCS 6000 / FCS 6300 / UFO 2000 systems. Up to 20 microphone consoles can be connected to one expander output.┬áThe total volume is up to 50 jobs.

The network adapter allows you to connect more microphones to one port on the central unit of the conference system.


Entrance 1 – RJ45 (socket)
Output 4 – RJ45 (socket)
Nutrition 220 V, without load (0.3… 0.8 A), with load (1… 4 A)
Dimensions (W x D x H) 172 x 157 x 53 mm
The weight 0.8 kg