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HTDZ HT-580 UHF Wireless Microphone System


Key Features

  • Model: HTDZ HT-580
  • Carrier Frequency: 470-960MHz
  • Frequency Response: 60-16KHz
  • Frequency Stability: 20ppm
  • Current Consumption: 100mA

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Speaker Features
Input Sensitivity -70~-98 dBM
Frequency response 60-16KHz
Microphone Main Features
Input Sensitivity -70~-98 dBM pressure limit sensitivity
Frequency response 60-16KHz
Microphone compatibility
Audio recorders Yes
Warranty 01 year warranty


HTDZ HT-580 UHF Wireless Microphone System (1 Hand + 1 Tie or 2 Hand)

HTDZ HT-580 UHF Wireless Microphone System comes with 1 Hand and 1 Tie or 2 Hand. Here uses multi-channel high band and intermediate band frequency filtering to completely eliminate interference signals. The HTDZ HT-580 UHF featured with FM modulation, 30mW RF output, +/-25 kHz max deviation, 20ppm frequency stability, 100mA current consumption, 32 kHz pilot carrier frequency, -70~-98 dBM pressure limit sensitivity, 470-960MHz carrier frequency, and 60-16KHz frequency response. This Microphone system has built-in response elimination technology. This wireless microphone can reach distances up to 60 meters in optimal conditions and up to 40 meters from normal conditions. It has a frequency and channel lock to protect the anti-jamming function. The latest HTDZ HT-580 UHF offers 01 year warranty.